Research Overview

Current research in the InPsych group is focused on the role of low-grade inflammation (cytokines, genes and peripheral immune cells) in depression and schizophrenia. We use epidemiological population-based cohort studies to examine causes and psychiatric consequences of inflammation. Identifying early-life predictors of illness is helpful for developing appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection and intervention.

We use observational studies to gain a better understanding of psychiatric patients who display evidence of low-grade inflammation. We use clinical trials to examine the effect of immune-modulating drugs on cognition, mood and psychosis. This work may help to inform a more personalised approach to treatment of major psychiatric disorders.

Please see below for more information on ongoing key research projects.


The Insight Study

Effect of IL-6 inhibition in inflamed depression

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Mendelian Randomization Study

Causal relationships between IL-6/IL-6R pathways, depression and schizophrenia

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