Research Collaborators

The InPsych group has longstanding collaborations with researchers in the UK, rest of Europe and USA, and with population-based cohorts from the UK and abroad.

Cambridge, UK

Prof Peter Jones
University of Cambridge, UK

Prof Alasdair Coles
Clinical Neuroscience
University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Stephen Burgess
Public Health and Primary Care
University of Cambridge, UK

UK & International

Prof Glyn Lewis
University College London, UK

Prof Juha Veijola,
University of Oulu, Finland

Prof Jouko Miettunen
University of Oulu, Finland

Prof Robert Dantzer
University of Texas in Houston, USA

Prof Stan Zammit
University of Bristol and
Cardiff University, UK

Prof Håkan Karlsson
Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Prof Christina Dalman
Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Contact Us

We are happy to hear from prospective group members, research collaborators, participants, media, patients and others. Email:

Our address

Department of Psychiatry
University of Cambridge
Herchel Smith Building for Brain and Mind Sciences
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge, CB2 0SZ, UK

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