Neuroinflammation and Schizophrenia. Edited by GM Khandaker, U Meyer and PB Jones. Springer

Immunopsychiatry: An Introduction. Edited by GM Khandaker, N Harrison, R Dantzer, ET Bullmore. Cambridge University Press (in progress)

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Khandaker GM (2016). Inflammation and immunity in schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders: an overview of clinical research. In Primer of Psychoneuroimmunology Research, Edited by Mark Opp. Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society. [Link]

Khandaker GM, Clarke M, Cannon M, Jones PB (2013). Life course approach to schizophrenia and related psychosis. In Life Course Epidemiology of Mental Disorders. Edited by Karestan Koenen, Sasha Rudenstine, Ezra Susser, and Sandro Galea. Oxford University Press. [Link]

Research Articles

Key Publications

Khandaker GM, Oltean BP, Kaser M, Dibben CRM, Ramana R, Jadon, DR, Dantzer R, Coles AJ, Lewis G, Jones PB (2018). Protocol for the insight study: a randomised controlled trial of single- dose tocilizumab in patients with depression and low-grade inflammation. BMJ Open, 8:1-9 [PubMed]

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All Publications

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